SoundHabits Studios. World class mixing and mastering facilities, located in arguably the most productive parts of Stockholm. Ever since the original, ”Studio Bastun”, there has been music on top of Mariaberget. The name has changed throughout the years but the quality and the productivity has always remained the same. B3B Studios, Lemon Studios, Sprinkler Studios, are just a few examples of those that previously housed in the facilities. Today, SoundHabits Studios is run by Oscar Harryson, Grammis nominated and award winning mix and mastering engineer and record producer. It’s also proud residence of BLANK MGMT & PUBLISHING.

Assorted work:


Ame Ardai: Blue
Mårten Jansson: Lever Med Det
Billy Momo: Umbrellas, Wings, and Magic things
Billy Momo: Seven Rivers Wild
Conny Bloom: Fullt Upp
Blacknuss Allstars: Live DVD
PH3: Moderna Tider
Billy MomoDrunktalk
Eskobar: Magnetic
PH3: Löser Ett Fall
Timo Räisinen: Födelsedag
SVT – production for Swedish National Television.


Ame Ardai: Not Believing
Billy Momo: Seven Rivers Wild
Conny Bloom:
Skattmasen, single

Sjukstugan: Psykoakustik


Mikaela Finne:
Billy Momo: Seven Rivers Wild
Conny Bloom: Fullt Upp
PH3: Moderna Tider
PH3: Löser Ett Fall
Billy MomoDrunktalk