Soundhabits studios, ideally located in central Stockholm is a 7-unit studio complex perfect for writing camps and sessions as well as whole recordings and mixing.

In the studios you have access to great equipment and a relaxed, creative environment perfect for getting into the mood needed to create magic.

Soundhabits Studios and Soundhabits Music arrange writing camps, one-on-one sessions and also cater for big, long running projects.

We can arrange for all logistics, including transport, accommodation and food to be taken care of and we have a great network of talented writers, producers, and artists to draw upon.

Soundhabits Studios packed with instruments and gear (the Mix room equipped with a SSL AWS 900, 24 ch SuperAnalogue console) and it’s central location in trendy Södermalm provides perfect access to hotels, restaurants and bars.

The Studios

SoundHabits Studios are located in some of Stockholm’s most productive facilities. Ever since the original, ”Studio Bastun”, there has been music on Mariaberget. The name has changed through the years but the quality and productivity has been the same. B3B Studios, Lemon Studios, Sprinkler Studios, are just a few examples of those that previously housed in our facilities. Today, SoundHabits Studios is run by Oscar Harryson, Grammis-nominated and award-winning mixing engineer and producer. 


The main room, Studio A.
SSL AWS 900, ProAcs, Focal SM9, Maschine Studio, 1073, 6176.
Mix room, Studio B: SSL AWS 900, ProAcs, Focal SM9, Maschine Studio, 1073, 6176.
Studio C
Studio D
Editing Unit, Studio E
Production Room, Studio F